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Welcome to EFES!


Let's get you onboarded!

We are excited to have you as a part of the EFES family! We have created a simple but effective system to get you plugged in and ready to go so that you can start making money quickly! Follow the simple steps below without skipping to complete the EFES onboarding process.

Step 1. EFES Training

The EFES Training system plugs you in and gets you up to speed immediately on what you will need to know to be successful and make it as an ELITE LEVEL producer. Complete each required step to receive access to the next phase.







Step 2. Join The EFES Community Chat

With the EFES chat you are able to connect to the EFES Community 24/7. Have a question about underwriting? Need help with a quote? Are you stuck on a topic you just don't know the answer to? No worries! The EFES Community is a group of top producing agents who just like you need help and they all come together to each other. Create your BAND account today and click the link below to join.








Step 3. Join The EFES DropBox

Have everything you need to make a sale at your finger tips 24/7 with the EFES Dropbox!

Need a cheat sheet to underwrite your client? Need a pitch sheet to spell out clearly the best programs you can offer? In the EFES Dropbox you will find all kinds of amazing sales tools.

Untitled design (9).png







Step 4. The EFES Lead Center

How great would it be to have one centralized hub where you can review all of your submitted business, manage your leads and review your sales analytics? In 2008 EFES built what is now known as the Lead Center. This site was 100% built for the producer!


Use the button below (SAVE THE LINK) to obtain access to the EFES Lead Center. Your USERNAME will be the email you used when completing your contracting for the insurance carriers. Your password will be L3@d5









Step 5. The EFES Producer Hotline

If you ever need help or assistance while with a client just dial up one of our many TOP PRODUCERS who assist agents everyday on the EFES Producer Hotline. Regardless of how big or small the question or issue we can help! 

Save the number below in your phone!

(Make sure to only call when with a client)









Step 6. EFES Morning Call

Looking to take your sales to the next level? Want to learn from the best in the business? We've got just what you need and it's the EFES morning call! Each morning Chase Urich and the EFES Elite bring an educational message that will help you become a master of the final expense market. No fluff or sugar coating. Just 100% honesty from a guy who has already done it a the highest of levels.


Monday thru Friday

8:00 am CST

How to join?










Step 7. The Equita Store

The Equita Store has pretty much anything a producer could desire as it pertains to field sales material. Need a padfolio to keep your leads in? Need delivery notices for when you're out door knocking? How about pens or a shirt with the EFES logo on it so you look professional when you show up to a clients house? 

Click the button below to visit the Equita Store








Step 8. The New Agent Life Line

As a new producer you will have 1,000,000 different things coming at you from all different directions! The New Agent Life Line was created to help YOU get organized quickly so you don't miss a beat. Download this document and start using it to it's fullest. Add your new writing numbers from each insurance carrier along with your commission level. You'll 

Click the button below to download the Life Line Document








Step 9. Subscribe to EFES Nation on YouTube

Would you like to have Final Expense training content 24/7 on demand? If so we have exactly what you need! The EFES Nation YouTube channel has over 100+hours of training content and NEW content released weekly! SUBSCRIBE NOW by clicking the button below to get plugged in and notified when new content is released.

Click the button below and subscribe now!

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Step 10. EFES Email Distribution 

Stay connected and plugged in with by opting in to receive emails from the EFES team!

When news breaks on new product annoucements, lead sales promotions or exciting producer acknowledment you will hear all about it first! 

Click the button below and subscribe now!


Feel Free to email anytime if you need assistance or help:

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