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Our Mission

We Strive For Excellence Everyday With Everyone We Work With

Choosing the right Insurance Marketing Organization can be tough to do.  You want to ensure you have everything needed to produce your business as quickly and consistently as possible.  Many agents start at larger MLM shops, only to realize that low contracts and no lead program are tough ways to earn a living.  Almost all of the agents we speak with have the skill and drive to be successful in Final Expense, they just never received the training and support needed to get there. 


We've created a complete program that not only gives you higher comp and fresh leads, but also a proven training system. EFES has all the tools you need to get up to speed and producing as fast as possible.

Our industry leading Steps 2 Success program is designed to teach you every aspect of this business.  This training system uses field training, videos, field underwriting tests, recordings, and daily training calls that teach you how to do everything from setting up your kit, managing your money, presenting, overcoming objections and so much more!

Meet The Team

Meet The Team


Chase Urich



Nicki Hiesler

Director Of Operations

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Ryan Caras

Account Executive


Morgan Tyler

Marketing Coordinator


Tammy Johnson

Contracting Manager

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Brooklynn Archer

Marketing Coordinator

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