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Do You Need Leads?

We have a few different options when it comes to leads!  Most of our programs are available to contracted agents only, but we do have overflow and excess leads in most areas that non-contracted agents can get!  If you are just needing to buy some leads, you can visit our shopping cart. 

About Our Program

We believe in keeping an agent in front of interested clients each and every week.  We do this by having a Fixed Lead Cost and standing order system.  We work with the agent to pick a territory to work.  Then we help determine the correct amount of leads needed to hit the annual income goal.  Once we have this figured out, we start dropping mail for that agent in those areas.  When the mail comes back, the agent can rest assured that it is BRAND NEW since we started the agents custom order with them.

Perks of our system include:

FRESH leads that have not been worked (Agent gets notified as soon as the leads start coming back in, so they know they are brand new!)

Exclusive territories!  We lock an area down for the agent and do not put other agents in their territory.  Some organizations bombard an area with mail and then hire 10-20 agents in the same area.  When the demand is higher than the supply, they resell leads that have already been worked.  The territory is all yours with us and the leads are only sold to YOU!

More detailed lead cards!  Our lead cards say Life Insurance in the first line.  We do not use the Free $255 Government Benefit card.  This keeps you in front of more interested prospects!

If any of this sounds better than what you are currently doing, fill out the form below so I can see if we have a territory available for you!

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